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Cypress Products and Services

Cypress Cabin - Cypress provided by Jones and Jones CypressJones & Jones Cypress produces quality cypress products for both residential and commercial properties. The follow is a list of cypress products produced at our sawmill operation in Bachelor, Louisiana. Let Jones & Jones Cypress be your choice for your next cypress project. Call us at (318) 359-8061 for more information.

  • Antique Heart Pine Post and Beams
  • Cypress Post and Beams
  • Sinker Cypress
    • This cypress lumber is typically green or olive green with some streaks of yellow. This colorization of the cypress occurs due to cypress logs that have been completely submerged underwater for several hundred years and then later exposed. This extremely rare cypress can make a beautiful addition to your cypress design project.
  • Pecky Cypress
    • This refers to a rare cypress lumber, whether tidewater or sinker, that has holes throughout it. What makes Pecky Cypress rare is that since it only occurs in occasional logs, it cannot be discovered until the log is cut. It only forms from the inside out in a circular pattern following the tree's rings. When milled, the pattern of pecky holes is random, and only lumber cut from the inside of the log will contain the pecky. Pecky Cypress is an excellent choice for creating a rustic look in your home or office.
  • Clear Cypress
    • Clear Cypress refers to cypress lumber that has been separated from knotty material and contains no knots. If your cypress product requires additional strength, or you simply prefer the look of cypress wood grain with no knots, Clear Cypress is the cypress product you would need.
  • Cypress Lumber (Any dimension available; 1" and 2" in stock)
  • Cypress Flooring
  • Cypress Mantles
  • Cypress Tongue and Groove
  • Cypress V-cut Tongue and Groove
  • Cypress 3" and 5" Crown Molding
  • Cypress Baseboard
  • Cypress Door and Cypress Window Trim
  • Lumber, Post, and Beam Planning
  • Kiln Dried Lumber

Cypress Ceiling - Cypress provided by Jones and Jones Cypress         Cypress Paneling, Ceiling and Cabinets - Cypress provided by Jones and Jones Cypress

Cypress Cabin - Cypress provided by Jones and Jones Cypress          Cypress Lumber at Jones and Jones Cypress

Cypress Lumber at Jones and Jones Cypress         Cypress Ceiling - Cypress provided by Jones and Jones Cypress